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Ennard by Mad-Hatter-ison
My first Sister Location Art, and I put Ennard in a Doctor's Mask (And plan his right eye have a scar and is blind) because his crooked mouth seems like it needs one
Halloween is over, but LOOK HOW AWESOME IT LOOKS!!

The Tale of Desiring Perfection and fear of Failing

I already parked my car in its parking lot, turned it off, then came out in my black dress with a flowing jacket and started walking in my flats, my dark brown hair blew in the wind as I held my purse tightly to a large building. But as I was walking towards the building, I already decide to stroll into its rose garden to take my mind off from what happened over a year ago.

I used to play a violin with my twin sister who played the viola; but after what happened to her, I end up giving in my music and just focus on drawing.
Abigail was literally a prideful soul, always believing that she can do ANYTHING and become BETTER than anyone who gets in her way.

Now, I am not saying she is wrong, nor wanting to believe her. There were moments where she was correct, and others when she was wrong. Heh, we always fight about that though....

When she found out I was taking Violin lessons, she took Viola to be better than me....and I was doing my best to play beautiful music. Yet, whatever I played, she played it more beautifully than I were....

I was always jealous of that and just wish there was a way to stop her or to stop bothering me all the time on every lesson.
Wish....was the keyword......

It was one night when we recently got promoted to a University because of our performance. We already went to a pizza parlor to buy a celebrating dinner. 
But as me, Abigail, and my parents were waiting for our order to be made, I noticed something through the window and into the dark.

Lurking behind the trees was a figure of a man....It's hard to see his appearance, but all was there was his glowing violet right eye and his long ponytail blowing in the hard wind....

I tried to look closely, but my focus was cut off from a push of my rude sister.

"Come on, Madison, cut off the imagination wonderland you are always in," commanded Abigail, "Are you even a good sister to help carry the pizzas or not?"

After a small scold of my mother from my sister's rude attitude, I replied, "Y-yeah....Yeah I am good..."

When I carried some of the boxes, I looked out the window again, noticing the figure stepped back into the darkness, fading away like a Cheshire cat...

As we got home, my parents already left for a movie theater and after eating, I was taking a shower, and changed into my violet plaid pajama pants and a black anime shirt of Black Butler.

As I blow-dry my hair, I glanced at the window and saw the most scariest sight of my life....

It was the same figure from earlier, only looking into my window!
I turned off my hair dryer and after looking both ways....I end up walking towards the window....

I know it sounds like a complete stupid idea, but there were many questions to ask about who he is and why is he following me.....

As I was half of a foot close to the window, I stared at the man as he stared back at was all silent, but I spoke, "....H-.....Hello?"

He didn't reply....but thunder and lightning have and my eyes widen from what I saw....

Very dark crimson colors smeared all over the window as if someone let a child paint the windows; and the figure.....I saw his left face was cut up muscle and bone with scars everywhere....and his left eye....sliced in half, but still hung over his eye socket!

I gasped, dropped my hair dryer and ran out of my room, screaming bloody murder! I kept running until I tripped on the stairs and rolled to the bottom.

I kept laying there until my sister ran over, "What the hell were you doing!? You ALMOST gave me a Freaking heart attack!"

I got up and I was wheezing and stuttering, pointing towards upstairs, "M-M....Mo-...Mon-Mon-Mon....Mons-"

She raise an eyebrow and walked upstairs without letting me finish. I shook my head and held her arm, begging her to just lock up everything, call the cops, and not go upstairs to look.

But she yank her arm from me and continued walking upstairs. I caught up on her as she walked to my room, looking inside.
As I look inside with her, all we say outside the window was nothing....nothing, but darkness and fresh raindrops....

She glared at me and spoke, "A Monster, Really?” I shook my head and spoke, "B-But Abigail, I swear, there was a monster, his face...Oh god his face...Just his left was like a zombie!"

She walked behind me and left the room while speaking, "Maybe you should lay off the Dr. Jekyll-Hyde or whatever Victorian stories you kept reading so much. I just don't understand why liking them so much, you nerd."

I cannot say she was wrong, I always adore reading Victorian stories since they create so many plots and I end up finishing up my hair then went downstairs.

As we were in our beds, having our own dreamland, I started dreaming about the mysterious person I kept seeing lately....

Just in hours after midnight, I heard a doorbell ringing....

"Madison..." Abigail groan in her sleep, "Go see who is at the door..."
I groaned because whenever my parents weren't here, she played as the queen and I am the servant, "Abigail...It's the middle of the night, it could be a creep or....Ugghh!"

I got up because of two reasons, either it could be my parents who forgot their house key, or she just force me to get the door.

As I opened the door...I saw it wasn't my parents or just a random creep.....Sure it was a stranger, but he doesn't look creepy.....It was a man who look a two to three years older than my 19 year old body holding a case....

He was wearing a dark soldier coat with red fabric at the inside of the cape of his coat with a sorcerer-like collar; he also wore a teal vest, a black tie, and white blouse shirt, black pants and boots, and white finger-less gloves. 

His long night colored hair was tied in a ponytail with a small blend of lilac highlights on his bangs. And his face look soft, even with his highlighted bangs covering his left eye, but I saw his right eye in a calming shade of violet with dark bags underneath as if he doesn't have sleep in weeks. 

He stared at me and spoke in a calming voice, "Hello...may I enter?"
I didn't say anything....I tried to, but I couldn't....besides the fact he looks cute...there was something familiar about him....

Just as I started to stutter again, my sister came in and pushed me aside and smiled, "Well Hel-lo Mister~! I'm Abigail, Come in! Come in!"

I glared at her...Of course whenever she saw someone gorgeous, she kicked me off and going after them like every boy I tried to talk to and ends up stealing a boyfriend before I even had a chance. Most of them is from the moment we met in at least five minutes.....two minutes seem like a new record....

"Are you crazy," I whispered at her, "We already just MET this guy! And we can't let some random stranger walk in! We could get in trouble!"

She blew a raspberry and spoke, "Well, it's not MY fault for going to the door, so it's all on you when mom and dad gets home!"

I growled as the stranger walks in and spoke, "No need to worry about it....I'm only here for a little while..."

As Abigail dragged him to the living room, I kept staring at him because it already seems that there IS something weird about that man....

As he sat on the couch and look around with his suitcase on the coffee table, Abigail walked pass me and spoke, "I'm going upstairs to change, don't do anything Stupid!"

I sigh as she went upstairs, "Why me...."

But as she left I noticed the man was opening his suit case and dug inside, pulling out what seems to be a dark violet violin with the same colored bow.

My eyes widen and walked over as I asked, "You're a musician?"
He nodded and I replied, "I'm one too, well, not much due to my obnoxious twin sister, but we both played good and end up earning a scholarship for a music university!"

He stared at me for a moment, then stood up with the instrument in position as he spoke in a sudden change of voice...sounding similar to a luring snake from the Jungle Book, "Here me play...."

I dunno why, but I nodded at him as I spoke, "Alright...."

With that, he straighten the strings of his violin, had his bow ready, then started playing his music.....

I thought for sure a gorgeous man like him can play a wonderful instrument....but his.....the sound was like hearing a dying cat that just got ran over by a car and screech it to sound like a rodent caught in a trap.

As he finished, he look down at me then spoke in the same luring voice, "....How was it.....?"

I....I couldn't say does sound unusual, but I can't disappoint his feelings....but....I end up stuttering again....only for it to sound like whether am I gonna tell him the truth or lie about it...

Suddenly, he glared at me....cold and dark that shivered my spine to the core....He gritted his teeth as he yelled, "WELL!?"

Just for how scared I was, I blurted out, "I-I thought it was wonderful!!"
I couldn't believe I lied.........but I was so scared.....

He paused for a moment, then growled as his black nails grew into sharp claws, his clothes become tattered.....and worst of all....I saw the left side of his cheek revealed his teeth and jaw as pure bone...just like what I saw from the window....

His eyes glowed in a fiery purple as he yelled, "LIAR!!"

With that, he played his instrument fast and hard as steam came out from it. Glass windows started to crack and I cover my ears tightly as I kept trying to yell, "I'M SORRY!!"

But even with the raging music, I started to feel dizzy....I drop to my knees and land on the floor as everything turned black....

I woke up in a dark room, which was already revealed to be a stage with a dark red curtain due to a glowing candle.....

I looked around from the back drop of a castle to the jet black audience center then decide to explore my surroundings with the candle sitting on a small table.

But as in each step, and as I was getting closer, I slowly started to shrink and as I got to the candle, I was already a size of a mouse, making it hard to even climb or carry the candle to look around the stage.

I tried to walk back to see if I can grow to my normal height, but to no avail....
Just then, as the candle dimmed, lanterns around the stage and audience began to glow where I can see more clearly.

And not only I can see the stage, but the audience somehow appeared in their seats, wearing Victorian attire and masks.

As the last lantern gleamed at the center of the stage, there came the same man I faced before!

I tried to call out, but it came out nothing…..

It made me realize someone made me like this so I wouldn’t have a choice, but to watch....

I looked from the curtain as the castle backdrop turn into a Victorian study area with a big desk and chair standing in the center of the stage.
I saw the man, looking normal as before, walking towards it and sat in the chair.

I watch him work on a few papers, only on most, I saw him growled in frustration and scrunch up the work he made and threw them across the stage.
I walked to one of his scrunch up works and opened, to reveal music notes. 

Then I heard him get up and I look to see he was in his position to play the violin, only for it, it was the same color as every other violin.

He started practicing, and it sounded normal and kinda decent....But like last time, he growled in frustration, yelling, "NO NO NO!!" And in his frustration, he pound his right arm that held the bow, and then hit his head hard until both were bruised.

In each music he thought he messed up, he started to hurt him more and more. In one moment, I watched him pick up a dagger to stab his right arm. 

And in another, he started to cut up the left side of his face and eye, ignoring how much he scream in pain. The craziest part is that every time he hurt himself, the audience laugh mockingly at his pain and abuse, like they never care about how much he is hurting himself....I don't think they'll ever care if it ends up killing him.

That's when I understand completely about him, he spent most of his life making sure his music sounds perfect; and every time he screw up, he abuse himself. 

But what happened to him and why he came to my home with my sister?
Just then the light dimmed for ten seconds and shine the stage to its normal look, only he was in the center, in position for his violin to be played.
He picked up his instrument and started playing.

It does sound beautiful than his last music.....but as he was in the middle of his notes.....the music turned into what I heard first....the sounds of a dying cat and rodent in a trap.....

He still kept playing his much...but then he stopped as we both heard the audience booing at him.

I watch people threw things at him and his failure, I felt bad that I want to help the Violinist, but how can I? 

He looked shocked as the audience kept booing, throwing things, and even laugh at his failure....from his humiliation, I saw him clenched his hands and in rage he smashed his violin on the stage to pieces that shook the rude crowd.

He pick up a few pieces and....... THREW them at the audience. Many got hit by the pieces of the violin, and only two passed out when it hit their heads.....and I can tell that throw was enough for them to never wake up....

The rest of the audience ran away in terror, some of the people called him a 'Monster!' Just like when I saw him from my window...

I heard him scream as the audience ran from their seats and to the doors, "YOU FLESH EATING RATS ARE THE REAL MONSTERS!!! I WILL DRAG YOU ALL INTO HELL WITH ME!!!"

He ran across and passed me into the back stage and I scurried to follow him...even though I'm scared of it, at the same time I am curious to know what will happen next....

As I got there, I watch him threw many instruments, breaking every single one of them...

I watch him tear up a drum, smash a base, bent a trumpet, and worse of all......tore up a few heart strings and wrapped them tightly in his neck.

He gagged and wheeze, but he continued to tighten strings until....he dropped to his knees and fell to the ground....ending his life.....

I never felt this scared in my life...I wanted to throw up...but the candles dimmed again and a dark violet glow appeared on the stage...

As I walked there, I felt myself growing to my normal height.....

I was relieved about it until I look at the audience.....which are now iced with half animal, half human begins with sharp teeth....Some were eating the victims the Violinist killed, and the rest snickered with delight....

That's when I realize that....these are demons and this stage ends up portraying Hell...

I saw a violet spotlight shined at the center of the stage where the Violinist lay from his strangulation....

But I saw him woke up and look around the stage....His reaction was filled with shock and confusion as he look at the demons who were laughing at how shocked he was after what he did to the people.

I watch him step back until he stopped and turned at a very tall, dark being with long midnight black hair and glowing red eyes. I can see he was wearing a tall black hat and a dark coat, and with his pearly sharp teeth, he clapped with his white gloves, speaking in a snake-like tone, "Well...Well...Seems we caught ourselves a rat..."

The demons laugh and applaud at their sudden victory, and the Violinist asked while shivering, "W...who are you, stranger?"

The being chuckled as he replied, "I'm a 'monster,' like you...And I want to thank you for killing off these bastards for me and feeding some for my people..."

I saw the violinist look frightened as he spoke, "W-What do you want? My Soul?"

I heard the being chuckled once more, but turned into a laugh, "No, my boy....I am here to give you an offering~! Be my Demon Violinist, and you will live forever and no one will critic you ever again...."

I watch the Violinist looked at him and ask, "And if I refused? What is even the price?"

The Being grinned and spoke, "There is no price...After all, for your first question, you're already DEAD anyways~!"

I watched him look shocked, then spoke after a minute of hesitation, "I will accept your offer..."

The being laughed and with a snapped of his long nailed fingers, a green spark came and absorbed the Violinist as he scream in pain.

His clothes were soon torn and his left cut up face wasn't healed, and like the demon audience, he grown features of an animal, a wolf probably...

As the transformation was complete, the being gave him the dark violet violin, "This will be your weapon, only use its magic if one hates your fact LIED to you..."

I couldn't believe everything I witnessed….all I am seeing is happening because I lied to him…and I didn’t even MEAN to lie because of his music…even if his music are weird, I only lied because he was scaring me…And now he became more terrifying!

I stepped back, but I only end up tripping over a broken trumpet, causing a noise that breaks the scariest moment as I land.

Many demons look at me with their glowing eyes; and the Violinist, who noticed me as well, growled like a predator to its prey.

I want to run, but somehow I can’t move from where I sat….I’m so doomed, I thought….

The being chuckled and spoke, “Look like it’s your first catch of the day…..You may seize her, lad….”

With that, the Violinist slowly walked toward me; I was so scared that I started crying.

“P-Please,” I whimpered, “D-Don’t kill me, p-please…..I-I….I-“
He grab my wrist and spoke as he dug his new sharp nails into it, “You shouldn’t lie to me, vat….” 

“I-I’m sorry!!” I yelled with hot tears falling from my eyes.

He growled as he held my neck tightly and raise me up in the air like his own doll, “No you’re not…..It took me 13 years to make my music a complete success! And now….I spent the rest of this pitiful world’s days by asking every new musician, like you, to agree with my master piece or they will all die by my own hands!”

I was trying hard to breathe, but his grip was as tight as a knot…..I can still hear demons laugh at his own demise….As drool split out of my mouth, I gave the rest of my breath to spoke, “I-I…Didn’t mean to……I d-didn’t lie…a-about your…m-music….”

That’s when his grip was loosened a little and I saw he started to look puzzled as if to know I was telling the truth.

“I didn’t have a choice….I lied because I-I was scared….I didn’t even know what to do…..”

His grip loosened more as I kept talking, “I know how you even feel….I was trying my best to beat my sister, but her pride was stronger than me….I always try harder and harder….but even so, everyone cheer for her…It was my fault I got into this mess though,…….I…I’m so sorry…I really am…..”

It took a few minutes as everything became quiet and pitch black….

He dropped me and while I was coughing for air, I saw him pick up his dark violet violin again….

I look scared, knowing it’s going to happen all over again…..but then as I heard the first note….it wasn’t terrible or messy….

It was beautiful….

He must’ve practice more than a decade while spending his time in hell…..
As it was over, he turned to me in his normal look and spoke, “……What do you think of my music?”

“I-I……It was amazing…” I spoke, nearly close to becoming speechless…..
He smirked and spoke, “Thank you…….”
With that, in a soft melody piece, he slowly vanished then I grew tired….I fell asleep peacefully as if the soft music background was like a lullaby….

I turn my head a little in reply….

“Madison, get the Hell up!”

I shot my eyes open as I saw Abigail’s irritated face, “I can’t believe you fell asleep in front of our guest!”

I sat up and noticed the Violinist was still sitting on the couch with his quiet expression from before….like all of this never happened.

Instead, I got up and reply, “S-Sorry…..I-I’ll get something to drink!”
I ran to the bathroom and turn on the lights to see if anything changes….but despite being scared and speechless from this whole thing, nothing seemed to be unusual….

I want to tell them about my dream…but something tells me I shouldn’t…
As I was heading to the kitchen….I heard the music again….only this time it was the same as I first encounter him…

I was confused until I realized….it could be my sister’s turn!

I want to interfere, but I couldn’t…as if there was a force all around the living room…so my second best option is to run upstairs until it’s all over.

So I waited in my bedroom, reading a manga while waiting…but as I read I can still hear the music….

It was over in just three minutes….then I heard something I haven’t heard of….
There was another piece to his music…it sound too sickly sweet, like strawberry-vanilla ice cream….

It could be that she either lied like I have….Or…..

I ran out of my bedroom and rush downstairs; I knew she be too prideful for his own music! He must’ve killed her by now! 

As I reach the bottom the music already ended and I saw him walk out of the room and head to the front door.

He paused as he held the handle, then turned to me, speaking with a sharp-teeth smirk and glowing animalistic eyes, “You’re lucky you’re not overflowing with pride like that vat…..”

I look scared as he open the door, then he spoke to me again, “Farewell…Madison…”

After the door was slowly closed, it took me over a minute to run into the living room to see if my sister’s ok, but as I got there, I dropped my manga book with a gasp as I saw what happened to her…

She was wearing a dark red Victorian style ball gown with a white feather on her hair bun, wearing red make-up…her eyes look scared, but her frozen smile looked sickly and forced as if he made her like that….and worst of all…she was frozen…..and entirely made of wax…..

Her pride and his music transformed Abigail into a wax, taxidermy doll….
I screamed hardly for what become of my sister that it woke up the neighborhood and the animals lurking at night.

The police already came for their investigation and it all ends with nothing related to that crazy violinist nor how it all happen. My parents came with empty hearts and all I earned was fear and a dark secret I dare not to talk about, because if I ever tell what happened, I would be taken away with a straight-jacket wrapped around my soul…

I gave up my music scholarship and sold my violin to a charity after a month. Everyone was sadden by the thought, but it was enough to calm my fear for the rest of my life...

And now I drive myself to see my sister once more after almost a whole year of being, now, an only child….

I know what you're thinking, I would be heading over to a funeral home owned by an Undertaker, or even a church where I ending up saying my farewells before people lowered Abigail in her grave. 

However, you’re wrong....

I wasn't going to neither of the places....the building I am walking towards to.....


It was a History Museum where my sister is displayed in a Jack the Ripper scene as one of his victims….

Practice Makes Perfect by Mad-Hatter-ison
(O) REQUESTSYou will get a painted head-shot or sketch like these

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